EPASS Chemistry Tutoring

    EPASS Peer Tutoring is designed to provide content specific support while fostering the development of the independent learner. Any student enrolled in an Emory College course that is supported by EPASS is eligible for 2 hours of peer tutoring per subject per week.

    The EPASS Peer Tutoring programs operates seven days a week between 8:30 a.m. and 9 p.m. 

    If you cannot find a time or a course, please complete this form to let us know. 

    Preparation for an EPASS Tutoring Session

    In order to be fully prepared for your EPASS Peer Tutoring appointments please answer the following questions:

    • The topic/concept I am struggling with is:

    • The textbook discusses this topic/concept on the following pages:

    • The problems I have worked on to try and learn this topic/concept are:

    • The steps I have taken on my own investigate this topic/concept are:


    If you have additional questions please contact Tammy J. Kim, Senior Associate Director of Academic Support Programs, at tammy.j.kim@emory.edu

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