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    Emory Scholars Program -- Scholarship and Service Program

    Scholarship and Service (SAS) is an immersive ten-week program that explores the history, politics, and geography of social justice issues in Atlanta, as a way of learning more about the realities of inequality in the US.

    While participating in SAS, Scholars will receive room and board, as well as a $2750 stipend. In the spring, Scholars are responsible for securing an unpaid and part-time internship (20-24 hours/week) with a government or non-profit organization, and SAS will provide support if needed.  The summer program, which lasts from May 19 to July 27 (with a program break from July 1-5), will combine a part-time internship, a living and learning community on Eagle Row, and a curriculum focused on problem-solving, collaboration, and community impact. 

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