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AUGUST 11, 2021

Hi there!

We have officially begun the final countdown to the beginning of your student’s college experience. You and your student have dedicated a lot of energy getting to this point, and we want to acknowledge and applaud this major achievement. Congrats! We have a few more simple recommendations to help you make your final preparations before coming to campus:


  1. Carefully read and review all communications that your student receives from Emory’s Residence Life and Housing Operations, so that you are prepared for the Move-In experience.
  2. Take a look at our at-a-glance Orientation schedules on the First-Year Orientation website.

    Required student events begin on Saturday, August 21 at 5pm; however, we have open time in the schedule on August 22 for parents and families who decide to stay until Sunday. This can be a nice time to have breakfast, do last-minute shopping, walk around campus, or whatever you would like. Beginning at 1pm on Sunday, August 22, your student will begin a full day of Orientation activities. Parents and families typically leave at this time. 
  3. Stay up-to-date on Emory’s COVID-19 policies and practices. You can find the most current mask guidelines, screening requirements, and gathering restrictions on the Emory Forward website. For now, plan to mask up when you’re indoors on campus. 
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New Student Checklist
Fall Payment is Due by September 1!

Charges were posted to students’ OPUS accounts beginning in mid-July. Notifications of charges can be sent to a specific Bill Payer. Therefore, it may be helpful to discuss this topic with your student if you would like access to this information.
New Student Updates
Family Friday Office Hours | Although our formal Family Friday webinars wrapped up last week, you can join us for open office hours (on Zoom) to ask Associate Dean Shari Obrentz and Assistant Vice President of Campus Life Bridget Guernsey Riordan any lingering questions you may have this Friday, August 13 at 11AM.
Important Resources | As you prepare to come to Emory over the next few weeks, feel free to reference this Helpful Links and Resources website, so that you know who to contact for assistance.
Next Week
Coming Up Next | There are many of us ready to support your student during their time at Emory and we look forward to partnering with you along the way. We’ll see you in Atlanta later this month!

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