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JUNE 9, 2021

Hi Parents and Families,

Although some of our details are still being finalized, we wanted to share a few pieces of general information about Move-in and Orientation Week to help you plan! Here’s what you may be wondering about right now:

When should we plan to arrive for Move-in and Orientation?
Depending on where you live, you may choose to arrive on Friday, August 20 (the night before Move-in) and stay in a hotel. If you live a little closer to Atlanta, you might choose to arrive on the morning of Move-in (Saturday, August 21.) This is entirely up to you!

Will there be specific events for parents and families during Orientation?
Our parent and family events occur, primarily, over the summer. While we will likely offer some limited parent and family events during Move-in weekend, our approach is intentional to allow you to focus on helping your student settle in!

When will my student be available during Move-in and Orientation, so that I can spend time with them before I leave?
Required Orientation activities (for students) will begin at 5pm EST on Saturday, August 21. On Sunday morning (August 22), there will be some time for families to grab breakfast, pick up some final items, or enjoy campus together. Beginning at 1pm on Sunday, August 22, students will start a full program of Orientation events and activities. Families who have stayed through Sunday typically leave campus when these activities begin.

Start Your Emory Essentials Today!
Family Friday Webinars
We had a great first Family Friday webinar on June 4! We were excited to share important general welcome information with all of the family members who could join us. If you weren’t able to join us, feel free to access the recording on our website.

Coming Up:

Friday, June 11 – Immunizations and Health Insurance

Friday, June 18 – Accessibility Services (Accommodations)
Note: If your student will need accommodations, we encourage them to attend this one with you!
To Do
Checklist Check-In

Emory Essentials 1 Deadline: June 15

Please remind your student to finish the first online module, Emory Essentials 1. That way, they’ll be ready for Emory Essentials 2 when it launches on June 15. The second module will help prepare your student for the advising and registration process.

More information can be found in the New Student Checklist, available for download from our website.

New Student Updates
Next Week
Coming Up Next: June 23 | Caring For Your Student - In our next message we will share some tips about making the transition of care for your student as they start their college journey. We’ll also continue to provide more information from our webinar series.

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